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What is a Fade Haircut?

The basic description of a fade haircut is a hair style in which the base or beginning of the hairline starts at a significantly short length then gradually increases in length going up the side of the head.  There are no visible lines or striations in the hair as this happens which gives it a fading effect from short to long.  This hairstyle is also referred to as the taper, blowout, skin fade, crew cut and others, depending on subtleties in the rate of fade, how short the beginning length is and the overall shape of the hair in conjunction with the faded regions.


Not all fades are equal.

What is a bad fade?
People that wear the fade haircut will tell you first hand that there is nothing worse than a bad fade.  While the hair cut will grow out in 2-3 weeks- one of the positives of this hairstyle- the victim of a bad fade must live with a haircut that is embarrassing.  Common elements of the bad fade are:

On the bright side, a bad hair cut only lasts as long as takes to grow your hair out to where you can cut it back down again. For most people this is 2-3 weeks.  What a great opportunity to wear your favorite sports team hat or beanie.